Youth Ministries

There is a revolution going on within the Church Body.  There is an uprising of young people who want be blessed of God and spiritually filled with His power to carry out the mission God has assigned to them.  They are not the church of tomorrow, but they are indeed the church of today.
On Sunday mornings join with our youth Sunday School teachers, Chuck and Sue King as they lead these young people to what God says in His word. This starts at 9:30 am in the upstairs classroom.
On Wednesday nights at 7:00 we are in the processing of moving the Youth Class to the lower level of the church in a room especially design to meet their space and needs for years to come.
During these sessions we search for answers to their questions and develop ways in which they can be sure who to turn in the time of need.  Ever lesson is tempered with a lot of prayer and soul seeking.
We also are becoming a three-fold ministry. Local, statewide and world missions.  It is time that we share the Word with others, so we begin on the doorsteps of the community, then taking the message to the Bush communities and then working to make world missions a priority.
There is a lot of activities each month in which they can fellowship, eat, and whatever is planned for that event. 
Join with us and look forward to what God is doing in our lives.